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Welcome to Cypress Tree Care & Landscaping, where we specialize in providing top-tier tree care services to enhance the health, safety, and beauty of your landscape. With a passion for trees and a commitment to excellence, our team of certified arborists and skilled technicians is dedicated to delivering unparalleled care for your valuable green assets.


Tree Removal

Trees are often planted in less than ideal property location. No matter where the tree is located on your, we have the skills and equipment to perform those tree services in Regina, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert & Surrounding Areas safely. We specialize in removing all types of trees. We have the proper training and equipment to perform the job to the highest safety standards while eliminating any property damage. We can work with our customer’s budget and providing a variety of options to make the removal as affordable as possible. We pride ourselves in providing fast, efficient, affordable, and safe work.

Tree Heath and Hazard Assessments

Our professional ISA arborists can determine the health of your trees and spot potential problems before they happen. We can provide a comprehensive risk assessment of your tree. Preventative tree care and save you money in potential damage or removal costs. If we determine the tree is unhealthy, we will implement the current plan to restore your tree's health or eliminate potential risks. These are important tree services in Regina.

Tree Pruning & Trimming

Tree and shrub trimming, and pruning is critical to sustaining your tree’s health, stimulating growth and retaining its natural appearance. But, do-it-yourselfers can often end up trimming incorrectly, causing serious damage to your beloved green asset. By pruning your trees and shrubs regularly it promotes their health by enabling you to get rid of sickly or diseased parts. Therefore knowing why and when you should go for tree pruning is important. Let Cypress lawn experts deal with your pruning needs to create and ascetically pleasing healthy property.

Emergency Storm Services

Trees can cause serious damage to personal property and can happen at anytime. A tree failure may be unexpected or can happen from seasonal storms or high wind. Call Cypress TLC certified arborists and we can have a professional there asap to assess the situation and provide solutions. We have the equipment, skills, and experience to help you with emergency tree failures. These are important tree services in Regina.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps can be unattractive and can make your work and gardening a hassle. They can be hazardous to pets and children, and attract ants, termites, and other unwanted pests onto your property. The best way to remove stumps is with the use of a mechanical stump grinder. Our mechanical stump grinder is portable and can fit through your standard size gate. We can eliminate your stump quickly and safely which saves you the grief of trying to remove it through other unsafe and difficult methods. Once the stump has been removed, we back fill the area as much as possible. Some mulch and debris will be left over, which is excellent for your soil and plants. Call us for these tree services in Regina.

Cabling & Bracing

Bracing and cable systems can provide the necessary support to compromised trees. Bracing systems are solid support systems to prevent movement between limbs while cabling systems have more flexibility and allow movement of a tree in wind, or with heavy ice or snow loads, but still offer support to jeopardized trees. Call or request a quote for our tree services in Regina and our professionals can inspect your tree. We will provide you guidance on reinforcing your tree

Tree Fertilization

Tree Fertilizing is important to maintaining the beauty and health of trees and shrubs. Plants require nutrients to grow healthy and strong and in an urban or suburban environment were competition for nutrients can be tough. Our tree fertilization program will reintroduce essential nutrients to the soil at precise intervals based on the needs of the shrubs and tree. As ISA Certified Arborist, we can provide you with best tree fertilizer formula based to on your tree or shrubs needs.

Tree Services in Regina, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert & Surrounding Areas

We offer a lot of different tree services & surrounding areas because we care. We are passionate about arboristery and making sure that you have healthy trees. If you can’t keep your tree, we are also there to remove it in a safe and budget friendly way. If you are in need of tree services in Regina, give us a call for a quote or to get more information.

Work With The Experts

We understand that you have a whole host of options. Especially with tree pruning, stump grinding, and tree removal in Regina and the Prince Albert area. Admittedly, some are much better than others, though we are the one that stands out from the pack consistently. In that case, Cypress Tree & Lawn Care is that company for tree services in Regina!

With more than 20 years of experience in tree services in Regina.  We are currently specializing in standard all tree operations, emergency tree work, and even storm damage cleanup. In addition, our bonded and insured company is all about being thorough, experienced, and courteous every step of the way.

In short, we leave every commercial and residential property in much better shape than we have found them. It is our promise to each customer we come across. On another note, if your tree is on city property, please be sure to reach out to the City of Regina for more information.

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