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Professional Landscaping in Regina

Cypress Tree and Lawn Care is a locally owned and operated company providing landscaping in Regina. We are licensed ISA-certified arborists and tree, lawn, and weed control experts. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the highest quality landscaping services in Regina while ensuring the health and safety of your Trees and Lawn. Go with the Tree Service and Lawn Care industry leader. 

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Landscaping in Regina : Tree Services

Landscaping in Regina

Finding the Perfect Service in Regina or Prince Albert Has Never Been Easier. Check Cypress Tree & Lawn Care

Landscaping in Regina 

Landscaping in Regina & Prince Albert is our business. Around here, everyone loves their trees as they should. We have some of the most beautiful trees in the country! Firstly, they provide excellent shade, curb appeal, and create the oxygen that keeps us going. That said, there are times that they can be very problematic, whether from a safety standpoint or an aesthetic one. Either way, there will always be a need to have landscaping in Regina and Prince Albert.

Regina tree removal can be a chore; it’s not one that should be taken lightly. It’s dangerous, dirty work that should only be done by licensed professionals. In short, we’re not an organization that advocates anyone with a ladder and a chainsaw to try their luck.

The same should be said by fly-by-night companies. It’s not hard to find unlicensed workers operating ropes, saws, and buckets. However, it’s just not the advisable way to go about it. So, only trust those that have been known to provide excellent results with landscaping in Regina.

Landscaping : Lawn Care

Landscaping in Regina

Our Team Of Experts

Our experience includes tree services in Regina and Prince Albert, lawn mowing and aeration, yard cleanup, tree maintenance, mulching, sod installation, and more. Taking this into consideration, you can be sure that with our skilled lawn care experts by your side, you will have peace of mind knowing your garden is in the hands of true professionals who know how to take proper care of it. For detailed information about our services and to check out the list of the areas we serve, browse the other pages of this website.

We offer proper mowing, fertilizing, seeding, etc. All these take a great deal of time and require industry knowledge to be done right. If you want to have a green, healthy lawn but don’t have the time and the right equipment and know-how, consider hiring lawn care experts like those at Cypress Tree & Lawn Care! With professionals like us, you should not worry about anything. We will come to your place well-prepared and ready to listen to your needs and requirements! Our services include every regular aspect of landscaping in Regina

Our Landscaping in Regina

Tree Services

We offer a vast array of tree services in Regina to fit your needs. Whether it is tree removal, Tree health & hazard assessments, pruning, emergency storm services, tree stump removal, cabling & bracing or fertilization. we can help you. There is no project too small or too big for us. Give us a call or request an online quote to get more information or to book one of our tree services in Regina & area.

Lawn Care Services

Cypress has all your lawn services in Regina covered. We provide high-quality yard services in Regina. Whether you are too busy enjoying your summer or work has you tied up, let Cypress take the hassle out of your hands. We can provide single or full season services. Get a reliable quote within 24 hours. Click on our packages and services below to receive a quote from Cypress Tree & Lawn Services in Regina!

SOD Installation

Create a beautiful lawn starts with proper sodding from Cypress Tree & Lawn Care. Our team has the trained expertise in cutting and laying sods of all types to create an outstanding look. We’ll make sure we meet your needs to give you a great experience with a pristine look for your landscaping in Regina.

Yard Leveling & Grading

Uneven grounds can cause problems for your property. Don't worry, Cypress Tree & Lawn Care can smooth the situation out. A level ground is necessary to install various structures on your property. Also, leveling can prevent soil erosion, create stability and protect against water damage to the foundation of your home.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be an eye catching way to mould earth and dirt using a variety of materials, including bricks, boulders, treated timbre and poured concrete. Our experience will use a variety of material and textures to match your yards aesthetics. Let our team design you a beautiful retaining wall

Stone Work

Cypress Tree & Lawn Care offers a full range of possibilities to meet your needs for landscaping in Regina. We can design and install walkways, patios, retaining walls, garden walls, stairs etc. Contact us and we can work with you to meet your needs

Skid Steer Services

At Cypress Tree & Lawn Care we can provide skid steer services to tackle your landscaping in Regina. Wether it be from building a driveway to installing a deck, a skid steer is an essential tool to making your project work easier, efficient and cost-effective.


We can install, repair, service and modify sprinkler systems. Our experienced staff can provide services on residential systems to larger more complex sprinkler. Contact us today to book your landscaping in Regina!


Trees, bushes, flowers and other plants can change the aesthetic of your yard and increase its curb appeal. Whatever you are looking for, contact Cypress Tree & Lawn Care to assist you in any decision you may need for landscaping in Regina.

Truck/Delivery Services

Cypress Tree & Lawn Care can deliver landscaping materials wherever and whenever you need them. We can provide materials such as topsoil, gravel, mulch, sand, and rock. Contact our team to schedule a time to have your materials delivered!

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