Enrich your outdoor living with the possibilities of potted plants, beautiful flowering shrubs and trees. Make sure you understand the needs of these plants, as well as your own, and that you are choosing healthy hardy plants that will be able to thrive in your surroundings.

Many forms of flowering shrubs and trees

There are many forms of flowering shrubs and trees that can be used for landscape design in Regina. Roses, flowering dogwood, viburnums are just a few examples of what you may plant. There are also trees that are beautiful and colourful but might not be the most practical in your landscape.  You will have to do research on what trees and flowers will work best in your environment.

Healthy Plants

It is important to maintain healthy plants but some plants quickly become prone to disease.   Take some time to learn about the healthiest plants and find out what those plants are weaknesses.  By planting these weak plants and disposing of them regularly, you will not have to worry about them becoming a problem for you. You will notice that as the trees are grown and beginning to take shape, they will naturally excel in your landscape.

flowering shrubs and trees

Pros of flowering shrubs and trees

So now that we are looking at flowering shrubs and trees, let us consider the positive side of them.  You can use your flowering shrubs and trees to:

Your home: You can use your flowering shrubs and trees to create different areas in your home such as a sitting area or a relaxing room.

Container in your home: Container gardening is also a good way to grow shrubs and trees. Use the containers to grow bonsai and other plants.  Also, don’t forget about your decorative pots. Use them to plant your shrubs and trees as well.

Container zones: Now you may select a fast growing tree or shrub and plant it in a container and enclose the container with pottery or acorn bakelite. Your shrub will be strong and healthy and will survive many seasons.

Beckons: beckons are not only popular for Christmas, but they make wonderful patio shade trees.  Also, be sure to buy a dwarf juniper as a very low-growing version. Your bonsai will be full and strong, and the tree will not grow to be over 25 feet tall.

Purchase flowering shrubs and trees

You can purchase flowering shrubs and trees at your local nursery for most of the common varieties. It is better to purchase them both ready to plant, and have planned out space in your garden to be either four or six feet wide. Ensure that the flower bed is prepared and that the soil is either pureed or mixed with peat. Use either of these two methods to achieve the snowy mound look.

If you intend to plant more than one tree, then plant them in intervals of three to four feet. It will take longer for the trees to grow, but you will have a much stronger framework once the trees are fully grown. It will not be necessary to ever dig the hole for the tree again. If you provide a lot of water around the trees and shrubs, they will be more likely to survive harsh winters.

flowering shrubs and trees

Before you begin

Before you begin, you will need a power rake, mulch, a tarp material over the mound where the trees and shrubs will be planted, fencing, mulch, and a supply of rocks. If you are installing the trees and shrubs in the springtime, before the snow melts, you will find that the root mound will be low enough for the structure of your pond to be able to easily hold the trees and shrubs.

Visual the final product

Once you shovel the dirt out of the hole and place a liner in the bottom of the hole with a few rocks to encourage the liner to perform. Below the liner, you can now start placing the trees and shrubs. It is best to allow yourself time to think about the arrangement before digging. It would be a better idea to take some time to think about the feel of the landscape and to visualize what the finished product would look like.

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When digging the hole for the shrubs and trees you will need to be careful as the ground is very soft and should be worked slowly to avoid causing damage to the fragile roots of the plants you are burying. Once you have the plants in place you will need to water the entire structure to encourage the water to remain. If you are not sure how to do all this, we have a team of expert landscapers in Regina that are able to help you. Give us a call today to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that you have the nicest flowering shrubs and trees in Regina.