Landscaping in Regina

Why Should you work with Cypress TLC

As the demand continues to grow for homebuyers in Saskatchewan, it is surprising to see that the supply of available companies doing the removal of trees in the city is not as abundant as you may think. Saskatchewan has over residing houses, apartment complexes, planned communities and businesses all add beauty to the city and it attracts all types of people. In the summer and spring months, most of these people add extra trees and shrubs in their back yards as an attractive feature. This is a rewarding effort as over time these trees are able to help cool a home & increase its value.

Keeping your home beautiful

The beauty of your home is its most valuable asset. When harbouring unwanted pests, insects or diseases, it can be a temptation for unwanted parties to penetrate your home. Unfortunately, these leftover pests, insects and diseases can spread to your house and place you under unnecessary stress. The best way to protect your home and place yourself and your family in a danger zone is to get rid of the unwanted pests found in dead trees and then maintain your home clean so that infestation is prevented.

Cypress TLC Landsacping

Cut out the bugs

When you see a bug, respond right away. Get rid of the whole area and if you have a synthetic material, douse it with insecticide. However, if you see bugs crawling on the walls, ceiling, floor or any other place in your house, here are some easy solutions you can try. Black oil is an effective substance to use on pots where you see the bugs climbing. However, regular spraying may not be appropriate as it can be harmful to young kids. When you have taken care of the bugs in the house, let us check your lawn and trees to see if they come from there.

Keep It Clean

Be prepared! Before you start clearing a place of plants or whatever else, take your tools out of storage and get a little rinsing. You do not want to start pruning or trimming soon after using them and get coated with the sap from your tools or wet dirt from the plants. Use a mild detergent to wash them and then rinse them thoroughly before disposing of them. We always use clean and efficient equipment when we are working on your property. We also make sure that we leave the property as clean as when we arrived.

Cypress TLC

Simple and efficient

You can ask any of our customers, we are great at what we do. We like to keep the communication between you and our experts open so you can know exactly what is going on. We like simple and efficient. If you are in need of any of our lawn, trees or snow services, contact us today!