Benefits of Pruning your Trees

Everybody wants to have beautiful trees on their property but to achieve this, a scheduled maintenance routine must be implemented to achieve this. Younger trees will need more frequent pruning, about every 2 year while mature trees should be pruned every 3 to 5 years. The best times to prune your trees are when they are dormant which is in the spring or the fall time. This gives your tree time to heal the pruning wounds. Pruning too much off your trees during the summer months can be harmful and reduce your trees ability to produce energy. Listed below are some of the main reason for pruning your trees.

Tree Pruning Creates a Healthier Tree

Removing the branches and limbs from your tree will promote growth to other areas of the tree. The tree while have the ability to focus resources and energy to other parts of the tree. By removing excess branches and limbs in the canopy of the tree, air is able to flow through the tree and reduce the stress on branches. Pruning can also prevent the spread of diseases and viruses in your. Removing sick limbs and branches will inhibit its ability to spread to other parts of the tree.

Tree Pruning Reduces The Chance of a Tree Failure

Tree pruning and trimming is effective in reducing the chance of a branch, limb or tree failure. A failure of a large limb or an entire tree can cause damage to physical property or even an individuals who happen to be in the line of fire. By pruning problematic areas of your tree, you can greatly reduce the change of an event like this happening. Removal of co-dominate limbs, removing dead branches and reducing weight off limbs are some ways that will create a safer and healthier tree. Regina and are is notorious for having high winds and tree failures are quite common.

Types of Pruning

Crown Cleaning: This involves cleaning out smaller, weaker, dead and diseased limbs from the crown of your tree

Crown Thinning: This involves the removal of selective branches to open up the crown of your tree for air and light and to improve the trees structure

Crown Reduction : This reduces the height and width of your trees crown by removing branches and cutting them at the crotch or a lateral of another limb. This method can be used to reduce the weight and create a desired shape for the tree.

Crown Raising: this involves the removal of lower limbs or branches of the crown of the tree. This is used for limbs that are in the way, create a better shape of promote healthier growth for limbs that are higher up.

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